The Changing Landscape of Cork City – The Capitol Cinema Site

After much debate over a contentious and sentimental issue for the people of Cork, the Capitol Cinema site redevelopment is well underway and is already changing the landscape of the city. 

capitol 2

The site before work began, derelict and a shell of its former glory (Source: Cork Past and Present).

The 0.65 acre site, which has been empty for ten years, is getting a €50 million overhaul, which is expected to see 450 new jobs for the city and a 5 storey retail and business complex which according to John Cleary Developments, who bought the site, “Will completely generate the western end of the city.”

capitol 1

When demolition began – January 2016 (Source: Cork and Present).

However, the site holds many fond memories for the people of Cork and planning for the site was stalled on numerous occasions. Lovin Cork caught up with two people – A Cork native and a Cork adoptee to see what they think of the plans for the historic site.

Understandably, there is concern about demolishing the past, as well as the site itself, but the people of Cork have been reassured that historical buildings surrounding the site will not only be kept, they will also receive restoration, in tandem with the Capitol Cinema site.

The original Capitol Cinema opened its doors in 1947 and had a capacity of 1,300 to entertain the people of Cork with film and performance. Drawing crowds from across the city and county alike, the Capitol Cinema was at one stage, the only multi screen cinema complex outside of Dublin.

The main elements of the site are expected to be complete by the end of this year. Interested businesses and retailers are already in talks about occupying the finished site – Hopefully bringing much needed rejuvenation and life back to the 70 year old landmark of Cork city.

capitol 3

The site transformed – What Cork can expect when the site is complete (Source: JCD Developments).


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