The Cork Film Festival

The Cork Film Festival, established in 1956, is one of the oldest festivals in Europe and is expected to run from November 4th – 13th 2016. As a flagship cultural event for the City, the Film Festival boasts a loyal and ever increasing audience of general public, film lovers and filmmakers.

Cork Film Festival

Cork Film Festival 2016 (

Since 2014, it has been accredited by the Academy Awards and is BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television) recognised; enhancing it’s reputation internationally. With that, the festival plays a rich selection of contemporary global cinema providing a platform that attracts emerging filmmakers. The festival has a reputation for giving new talent a platform for their work.

Speaking to the Irish Examiner, Cork Film Festival creative director, James Mullighan said, “We are firm believers in doing everything possible to nurture new talent and with the Talent Development Campus we will help and guide those making forays in a challenging industry.”


Triskel Arts Centre (Sourced:

The main festival venues include, the Cork Opera House, Triskel Christchurch and the Gate Cinema. Each location provides its own unique ambiance for movie goers with large seating capacity to cater for the numbers attending. All locations are easily accessible on foot around Cork City.


This year is hoping to build on the success of 2015; which screened over 239 films and had more than 21,000 admissions over the run.




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