The English Market

Established in 1788 as the English Market – butchers, fishmongers, bakers and food connoisseurs alike have gathered in this food centre for many years.


Historical English Market (Source: English Market)

With prime real estate in the middle of Cork City, the English Market shows the best of the best in Cork food products. The quality is unfathomable, with favourites including O’Connell Seafood for immense selection to The Chicken Inn for their fresh poultry or even Tom Dorcan for his famous spiced beef.


Historical English Market (Source:


Fish for sale!

Visitors are variable and vast, seeing tourists wondering the corridors viewing the large fish heads on ice or staring curiously at the long strings of black pudding. Locals are calling in to pick up a special roast for their Sunday dinner or getting their fresh soda bread off their favourite baker’s shop.

The head of the Common Wealth and Queen of the United Kingdom, Elizabeth II has even popped in for a tour and a visit during her time in Cork.


Dried Flowers


(Source: English Market)

If you appreciate good food, and you haven’t given the English Market a go, I highly recommend you do. When you do visit –  if you feel a bit of a rumble in the stomach, head up stairs to the Farmgate Restaurant. They produce delicious meals made up from the quality product sold right beneath their door.

If you are already on the English Market bandwagon, I salute you. It is a great spot promoting local and regional Cork talent and a great place to call our own.

Video Credited to The English Market


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