The Modern Gent – Catering to Cork’s Modern Man

The Modern Gent is over 40 years old, and one of the last remaining traditional barbers in Cork. Located on Winthrop Street, the salon has been through a modern revamp, with the addition of male grooming services on the premises.



Jennifer Sweeney had worked at the barbers for over ten years, before she took over at the helm in 2014. She began to work in less traditional services, offering clientele hot towel shaves and some male waxing. She got a positive response, and decided to fill this gap in the market. The Modern Gent is the first salon of its kind in Cork. It is solely dedicated to male grooming and specialises in professional waxing and skincare treatments suited to men’s skin.

So, what’s on offer? Well after a quick trim off the back and sides, you can stick around and take a bit off the chest too! For all you brave Cork men out there, the salon offers a variety of waxing treatments as well as tinting and even manicures, all at competitive prices.


Source: Facebook

The pampering doesn’t stop there. The Modern Gent will even take care of your skin, with a selection of tailor-made facials. Treatments offered include skincare routines to suit all skin types, from dry to sensitive. There’s even a purifying treatment for your back.

In an interview with the Evening Echo, Jennifer was looking forward to broadening her services, and getting to work on the men of Cork. “Usually a client will be nervous, but afterwards they are so happy with the results that they can’t believe it’s taken them so long to get the treatment.” She finds the majority of her clientele at the salon simply want to look good for a special event. Jennifer finds the summer period that little bit busier for treatments, as clients want to feel confident when they’re relaxing on the beach during the holidays.

To meet with Jennifer and the gang at The Modern Gent, you can make an appointment here.


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