Graham Norton

Making His Mark Across The Pond

From the red county to the red chair, Graham Norton has captured the hearts of people home and abroad.


Graham Norton (Source:

He appears on our TV screens every Friday night interviewing a merry go round of A-list celebrities, it’s sometimes easy to forget he has walked the same streets as us growing up. As he continues to grow from strength to strength, he’s truly deserving as one of our “Top Four Who Have Done More”.


Comedian and presenter, Graham Norton was born in Dublin and grew up in Bandon, Co. Cork in the 1960s. Like many a Corkonian, Norton studied at University College Cork (UCC), where he spent two years studying English and French. In 2013 he received an honorary doctorate from UCC.

The 53 year old’s career began in the early 90’s after moving to London to attend London’s Central School of Speech and Drama. He started stand up comedy

Graham Norton Show

The Graham Norton Show (Source: Tumblr)

and in 1992 appeared in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival making the press for his performance as Mother Teresa of Calcutta. Later making his broadcasting debut on BBC’s radio 4 Loose Ends, the seven times BAFTA winner now presents his self entitled show “The Graham Norton Show”. Other television credits include The BAFTAs and Eurovision Song Contest (BBC), to name a few.

Although he has been living in London since the 1990s, Norton still calls Cork home and regular spends time in his West Cork home in Bantry.

Speaking to the Irish Times, Norton said, “I had a place in the city and I was looking for a seaside place and my sister found this house. It is a paradise. I love it.” Despite being born in Dublin he has all the charisma and charm of a true Cork man.

We at Lovin Cork are flying the flag for the rebel county. Like any true Corkonian we boast the fact we are the biggest county in Ireland, we insist on being called the real capital and, of course, we claim Graham Norton as one our very own.


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